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Development of the project

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Silvia Schneiders
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Hello everybody!

Here is Silvia writing from FunForLab-team Germany. We are all very busy getting forward with the development of the FunForLab-game.

Here a first picture from our first draft for our Video-game.

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Posted : 21/04/2022 5:37 pm
Giannina Lindt
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Hey everybody,


let me introduce our FunForLab-team from University hospital Aaachen to you:

We are Eva, Christiane, Nina, Patricia,  Miriam and Silvia.


First we like to give you some information about the results of the SWOT event from last year November. We got many new insights.

All members of the SWOT survey agreed that- according the MLT profession and education in EMR -there are strengthen, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

As to mention some topics here:

Pupils in secondary school still have too less information about the MLT job/education, salary for professionals is estimated as too low, cross border mobility is partially hindered by rigid laws and the existing language barrier. The job can be interesting and demanding  this depends on the work place and in most EMR regions MLTs are sufficiently supported by their employer to participate in activities for skill enhancement.

All these points will be considered during our project. F.e. we are about to increase our contact to secondary schools to give more information about the FunForLab-project and our job.


And now to the present status quo:


The game-developers from our Belgium partners, Simon and Aurelien, have been and still are very busy to develop the first game-prototype.


We are happy to announce that there will be a playable FunForLab-Game prototype soon! Find two pictures below.


We will keep you updated and post again when it will go online!


If you have questions do not hesitate to write us an email or use the forum for your comments.



Best regards

Team UKA

Posted : 29/08/2022 2:31 pm