FunForLab in the

Virtual Reality

Learn through virtual reality to manipulate medical laboratory automatons !

Version: 1.3.2
Date: 23/08/2023

Installation Guide

Les vidéos présentées ici, qui font partie du Guide d’installation, sont en anglais. Les vidéos traduites en français sont disponibles sous forme de liste de lecture sur le canal YouTube de FunForLab.

Step 1

Box Opening

You have just received your Meta Quest 2 but don't know how to start using it ?

This video will show you the first steps with your headset.

Step 2

Meta Developer Account

In order to install FunForLab on your virtual reality headset, you have to associate a Meta developer account to your device.

Step 3


This video will show you how to install the application and how to launch it from your headset.