16-18. November 2022

Auptic• education meeting

AUPTIC•education (Association for the Pedagogical Use of Information and Communication Technologies) is aimed at people interested in the support that technologies can provide for teaching and learning.
The association seeks to promote exchanges between researchers and practitioners in education and training who know the importance of the field in terms of looking at digital technology. The proposed activities are intended to network points of view from various backgrounds (primary, secondary, higher / tertiary and continuing education) to create a mixed reflection.

Auptic 2022

On the 18th, Jérôme Foguenne, technopedagogue within the CRIG of the Haute Ecole Libre Mosane, will present the FunForLab project. He offers a reflection on the issues related to the educational integration of scientific elements from the Medical Laboratory Technician profession within a fun interface. Simon Daniau, Game developper and researcher at the FoRS/HENALLUX research center, presented the technical dimension of the project.

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